KFC has announced plans to introduce a new line of roasted menu items. The new line, starting with an Oven Roasted Strips meal and Roasted Twister sandwich, will be available on May 10. Currently in test in cities around the country are Oven Roasted chicken salads, Roasters flatbread sandwiches, and chicken rice bowls.

“By adding new Oven Roasted chicken to our menu, we now have lunch and dinner options for everyone in the family,” Gregg Dedrick, KFC’s president and chief concept officer, said in a statement. “These products were very popular in test with consumers, and they will be great additions to our menu along side our famous Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

The Oven Roasted Strips meal consists of three seasoned chicken filet strips served over long-grain rice with a side of green beans. The Oven Roasted Twister sandwich consists of two marinated, roasted chicken strips, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and pepper mayonnaise wrapped in a tortilla.

To support the introduction of the Oven Roasted line, all KFC stores will feature new menu boards, according to the company. The boards will show menu options in categories — value meals on the left, non-fried options in the center, and snackables on the right.

This is not KFC’s first go at roasted chicken. In 1993, the chain launched Colonel’s Rotisserie Gold, which was developed by a franchisee. Oven problems allegedly thwarted the product; the new roasted line will be cooked in the same ovens used to cook biscuits.

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