Leaf, which created the LeafPresenter—a tablet for commerce that serves as a multi-functional POS—launched a new platform for its tablet specifically for quick serves.

The new platform, Leaf for Quick Serve, cuts down on the time spent carrying out separate restaurant tasks.

“At quick-service restaurants, and especially for small-business quick-service restaurants, it’s all about time,” says Aron Schwarzkopf, Leaf’s CEO.

“What [Leaf for Quick Serve] does, it’s a platform that consolidates a bunch of providers, a bunch of different equipment, [and] different services all into one, allowing [the merchant,] on his own time, to be able to manage and see what’s going on. At the same time, it sort of puts all of these providers into one safe platform … saving time and money.”

In addition to LeafPresenter’s functions—which include consumer ratings, text receipts, check splitting by item or amount, and printer routing—there are four unique features built for Leaf for Quick Serve, Schwarzkopf says. These features include support for take-out and delivery, a tip function, ability for customers to receive digital receipts, and a labor clock-in and clock-out function.

“We’ve built a whole take out and delivery mechanism into one POS, which allows the small-business owner of the quick serve to have a system where it can track all of his consumers, deliveries, [and] pick-up and take-out orders,” he says.

He says the digital receipt functionality builds a customer profile, allowing quick serves to use automatically collected data in order to build a relationship with the customer.

In addition, Schwarzkopf says, Leaf just launched an app store for small businesses, allowing business owners to build apps to connect directly to the POS.

“There are multiple things that should make merchants and action leaders want to switch from unconnected, offline devices to a ‘point-of-smart’ [system] like Leaf. … It brings a great deal more functionality,” he says. “We’re making all of these benefits and all of these valuable things that will help [merchants] grow their business, [and] not only run it more efficiently and save money, but grow without having to pay an arm and a leg.”

By Laurel Nakkas

News, Restaurant Operations