Liquid Nutrition Group Inc. announced today a major franchise deal in Quebec that will more than double the number of Liquid Nutrition stores in the Province. Ten new retail locations are scheduled to open throughout Quebec beginning in the spring 2012. 

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“This deal will see Liquid Nutrition expand from its roots in Montreal to the rest of the Province,” says Glenn Young, president, Liquid Nutrition Group Inc. 

"Created in Montreal in 2005, Liquid Nutrition now has six franchises in Montreal and the deal announced today clearly shows the market for healthy and delicious nutrition is growing well beyond our original market."

Montreal and Quebec City business leaders Alain Lambert, Mario Jacob, and Nancy Roy secured the Liquid Nutrition franchises for Quebec. 

"The entrepreneurial team of Alain, Mario, and Nancy is the perfect partnership for us,” Young says. "The combination of deep business experience and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle will be a great driver with the expansion in the Quebec market.”

“Every year I compete in high performance road cycling events as an amateur that cover hundreds of kilometers and are similar to racing one week at the Tour de France,” says Lambert, who is a committed high performance road cyclist and successful entrepreneur.

“As a father of six children who also runs a business, I have to make healthy and convenient choices to make sure I can compete. Liquid Nutrition is an important part of my training regime and keeps me healthy while ensuring my time is well managed.”

“Montrealers love Liquid Nutrition and I know the people in the rest of Quebec will also get on board with the Liquid Nutrition lifestyle,” says Vincent Lecavalier, Tampa Bay Lightning Captain, Stanley Cup Champion, and member of Team Liquid. 

“I’m proud to be a part of this trail-blazing initiative bringing healthy, active living to people everywhere.”

Following the success in securing franchise partners in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Kingston, Liquid Nutrition Group announced a recent expansion in the Middle East and continues to aggressively expand across Canada and North America.  

Liquid Nutrition offers more than 25 different functional beverages prepared fresh for each customer. From protein drinks to meal replacements, Liquid Nutrition is geared for anyone who wants to take control and improve their health. An athlete who is focused on muscle recovery or even simple rehydration, a business executive who doesn’t have time to eat properly but needs high performance at work, or a mom who is juggling career, kids, and staying fit and healthy. 

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