Continuing to expand its lineup of innovative products, New World Coffee-Manhattan Bagel Inc. (Nasdaq: NWCI) announced February 24 that its Manhattan Bagel subsidiary has added a new Caribbean Bagel to its menu. The Caribbean Bagel is a pineapple-flavored bagel topped with coconut.

The Caribbean Bagel is also being offered as a specialty lunch sandwich with Kraft ham, lettuce and a special Caribbean-flavored mayonnaise. Both the bagel and the Caribbean Ham Sandwich will be offered on a limited time basis, from now to Mid-May.

“The Caribbean Bagel, which is being promoted with the theme of ‘Escape from the Everyday,’ is designed to evoke an exciting tropical taste in the middle of winter,” said Bruce Walton, New World senior director of program development.

Manhattan Bagel developed the Caribbean Ham Sandwich jointly with Kraft Foods. “This original sandwich represents another example of our strategic partnership with Kraft Foods,” said Mike Ryan, New World vice president of franchise services. Kraft is the chain’s preferred supplier for premium Carving Board deli meats and other products.

The Caribbean Bagel program will be supported by a comprehensive point-of-purchase campaign designed to create an island atmosphere. Elements include expandable paper-cutout pineapples, ceiling-dangler suns wearing sunglasses, and 10-foot-long paper flower trains draped around the menu board. Additionally, Manhattan Bagel’s signature symbol, the Statue of Liberty, will be decked out in tropical island dress.

With the addition of the Caribbean Bagel, Manhattan Bagel stores now offer 23 varieties of bagels, as well as 13 specialty lunch sandwiches.

New World Coffee-Manhattan Bagel Inc. currently franchises, licenses or owns stores under its four brands in 26 states and Washington, D.C. The Company is vertically integrated in bagel dough and cream cheese manufacturing, and coffee roasting, with plants in New Jersey, California and Connecticut.

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