– Building on the success of the most popular show in the history of cable television, Imbibe has been licensed by HBO to launch a line of Italian sodas under The Sopranos banner. The three initial flavors, Limoncello, Amaretto and Chianti, while being served at Italian dinners for hundreds of years, are making their first appearance as sodas. The drinks stay true to their Old World roots by avoiding all use of artificial ingredients, preservatives, and high-fructose corn syrup.

“Imbibe has a great reputation in the beverage industry, which is why we’re working with them,” sys James Costos, vice president, Licensing & Retail at HBO.

As The Sopranos comes to conclusion on HBO in June, the series will continue to live and have even further exposure on the A&E network as well as DVDs. “One of the main reasons Imbibe was excited to partner with HBO is their continued commitment to promote The Sopranos off-channel,” says Andrew Rashkow, president of Imbibe.

The Sopranos (TM) Old Fashioned Italian Sodas are now shipping to grocery stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores as well as select sandwich shops and restaurants across the country.