Olga’s Kitchen, a Troy, Michigan–based concept, is setting up the groundwork to expand into new markets. This approach is centered on updated menus, modern stores away from big malls, and offering WiFi as a modern amenity.

But its WiFi goes beyond just having a wireless signal; Olga’s WiFi builds a deeper connection with its guests.

“Offering free WiFi is a proven way to build guest loyalty, but we wanted to go a step further. We wanted to use WiFi as an opportunity to expand the relationship with our guests. For that we partnered with One WiFi,” says Chad Oliver, marketing director for Olga’s Kitchen. “We were already utilizing social media marketing tools such as blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. The One WiFi system allows us to cost effectively enhance those efforts each time a guest logs on.”

One WiFi–managed hotspots bundle opt-in marketing, social media, and location-based tools such as Foursquare. When a guest logs on to the free WiFi network, they are greeted and offered customized information based on that Olga’s Kitchen location. A customized content feed offers up information on contests, fundraising programs for non-profits, and career opportunities. The guest is also connected to Olga’s corporate website and social media sites while being invited to follow the restaurant online.

“We wanted to offer Olga’s Kitchen a system that would be a real win-win for both their company and their guests, and I think that this does it,” says Henry Kurkowski, CEO of One WiFi. “The system seamlessly connects guests eating at their brick-and-mortar properties right to Olga’s online properties. Having Olga’s Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare page right in the palm of the guest’s hand is a pretty powerful thing. Today people use their mobile phones, iPads, and laptops to stay in touch with people, it’s how they communicate. Using these tools to communicate with on-site guests is a natural step in guest relations.”

“This is something that is certainly far more advanced than simply offering an open WiFi connection,” Oliver says. “This gives us a chance to reach out to our guests while they are at a location and well after they have left. The mantra here at Olga’s Kitchen is very simple—‘Every Guest Leaves Happy.’ Offering guests a modern amenity like free WiFi makes them happy. Offering free WiFi and being able to communicate with them online makes us happy.”

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