In time for summer, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt is excited to offer customers the opportunity to try the Trio of Goodness Sundaes, three classic summer self-serve sundae recipes available for a limited time that guests can create at any of the more than 300 participating Orange Leaf locations across the country. This Trio of Goodness includes a Summer Fresh Cup Sundae, Pineapple Coconut Pie Sundae, and Banana Split Sundae. The sundaes, available until July 26 or while supplies last, are part of Orange Leaf’s “Summer is Better with Orange Leaf” campaign, which rewards fans with a wide variety of treats throughout the summer months.

“Our passionate fans regularly let us know what they want from Orange Leaf, and we love to respond to them,” says Geoff Goodman, president of Orange Leaf. “The Trio of Goodness Sundaes was created as a direct result of our customers requesting more ‘recipes’ that creatively combine our flavors and toppings. We encourage our fans to openly to share their ideas with us, so that we can continue to improve everything from our flavors and toppings to our in-store experience.”

Orange Leaf’s Trio of Goodness Sundae recipes include: the Summer Fresh Cup Sundae—Greek fro-yo topped with fresh blueberries and sliced strawberries; the Pineapple Coconut Pie Sundae—pineapple and coconut fro-yo swirled together and finished with coconut shavings, fresh pineapple, and graham cracker crumbs; the Banana Split Sundae—banana fro-yo made with fresh bananas and topped with chopped nuts, chocolate sauce, chopped bananas, sliced strawberries, and a cherry.

As with all other Orange Leaf flavors, customers are invited to invent their own fro-yo combinations with their favorite flavors by mixing, swirling, dividing, or topping the fro-yo with any combination of fruit, nuts, candy and other healthy or decadent treats from the do-it-yourself toppings bar. This also allows customers to control the portion size and nutritional value of their treat to fit their dietary needs and taste preferences.

Orange Leaf customers can visit their local store’s web page, or download Orange Leaf’s iPhone or Android app, to check the other flavors available at stores before they visit.

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