To add to its extensive specialty pizza lineup, Stevi B’s Pizza married two American classics—pizza and Chicken Cordon Bleu—to create its new Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza.

Stevi B’s Chicken Cordon Bleu specialty pizza starts off with fresh, made-from-scratch dough. It smothers its lightly cooked crust with an alfredo sauce and tops it with onions, tomatoes, and chopped grilled chicken. Two varieties of bacon adorn the top of the pizza, including Canadian bacon, and it’s swirled with 100 percent real mozzarella cheese.

“At the beginning of the year, we challenged ourselves to develop several truly unique specialty pizzas that showcases our menu development team’s innovative recipes and provides our customers with something that is truly authentic,” says Matthew Loney, president of Stevi B’s Pizza. “The Chicken Cordon Bleu pizza is a twist on an American classic and we believe customers will respond enthusiastically to this limited time offering.”

The limited-time-only menu item will only be available beginning September 8 at all Stevi B’s Pizza locations.

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