QSR magazine, a publication for executives and operators in the foodservice industry, has announced that it will conduct a Webcast seminar through its website, QSRmagazine.com, on the topic of trans fat oils in the restaurant industry. The Webcast will be broadcast online on June 28th, 2007 at 3 P.M. Eastern, 12 P.M. Pacific time.

Many restaurant chains have either already made the switch to trans fat fee oils or have announced their intention to do so, and everyone else is likely to follow this rapidly progressing trend. The Webcast will attempt to answer some of the more prevalent questions surrounding this issue, such as: What are the challenges for operators looking to make the switch? What oil products are available—in enough quantities—and how do they perform? How are suppliers of ready-made foods dealing with the need for trans fat free foods? Will there be any effect on the type of equipment that restaurants use?

“These free and open forums are what the web was meant for,” says Kevin Donaldson, marketing director for QSR magazine. “This is an exceptional way for industry professionals to communicate and collaborate about consumer driven trends that none of us can avoid.”

A panel of researchers, restaurant operators, and vendors will share information and discuss the issues. Attendees will hear from Chris Koetke, dean of culinary arts at Kendall College and an authority on soy-based solutions; results of recent research into frying with trans fat–free oils; and the experience of operators who have already made the switch. QSR’s associate publisher, Greg Sanders, will moderate the panel.

Sponsors and contributors to this webcast include key players in the industry such as The Soyfoods Council, a soy industry association; Qualisoy, a collaborative effort among the soybean industry to help market the development and availability of healthier soybeans and soy oil; and Frymaster, the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial fryers for the foodservice industry.

Sign-up online for the June 28th Webcast seminar at http://www.qsrmagazine.com/transfats