As frozen yogurt concepts sweep the nation, other frozen dessert brands are forced to join the movement or melt.

Understanding the trends of the industry, Ritter’s adapted its model boasting a new leadership team and introducing new products to satisfy America’s health conscious taste buds.

After more than 20 years of selling frozen custard, Ritter’s is launching a new line of frozen yogurts this summer to attract a more health conscience customer following that are driving the health food movement.

“We’re enhancing the Ritter’s menu by adapting to a new, health conscious society,” says Gary Occhiogrosso, chief development officer of TRUFOODS, LLC, Ritters’ parent company.

“Our new pro-biotic yogurt will appeal to our more health conscience consumers looking for a guilt-free frozen treat, while our legendary ice cream options will continue to satisfy our original consumer base.”

According to the International Dairy Foods Association, frozen desserts annual sales total $23 billion in the U.S. with $14 billion spent on “away from home” frozen dessert purchases (scoop shops, food service and other retail sales outlets.) With the bulk of its stores in the Midwest and in places like Florida, Texas, and New Jersey, Ritter’s aims to gain market share in these regions by adapting to the expanding number of diet conscience consumers attempting to shrink their waistlines.

For Ritter’s, competing with the frozen yogurts chains of the world isn’t as easy as developing a few new products. The company’s core customer base has been families with young children. However, that is slated to change with new leadership and direction, targeting a broader demographic, which will increase their customer base and revolutionize the veteran brand.

In April of 2008, Ritter’s came under the TRUFOODS, LLC umbrella in an effort to enliven the aging brand. TRUFOODS, LLC buys up food service franchises that have halted before reaching their full potential, and aims to rebuild and revolutionize these brands with the guidance of an expert managerial team. TRUFOODS, LLC is led by food industry veteran Andy Unanue, and boasts annual system-wide sales of over $40 million.

“Ritter’s has great brand recognition and consumer loyalty. Under TRUFOODS, LLC’s guidance, we’re taking the brand to the next level, making it easier for franchisees to build a solid business by bringing new relevance to the concept with fresh products and leadership,” Occhiogrosso says.

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