Go To Containers earned a Silver Award in the 28th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation for the Sani-Sak Take-Out Container, which advances food safety and consumer convenience and reduces the need for bags. Exhibiting excellence in Enhanced User Experience, the creative, patented design is stackable, enabling consumers to carry their meals in a safer and healthier way with reduced risk of contamination and greater product quality. A nesting system locks two, three, or more containers in place. One container will not slide off another container when stacked, and multiple containers can be stacked on top of another and tilted to a 60-degree or greater angle. The innovative design takes two eco-friendly materials (PET and bagasse) and makes the containers interchangeable and usable with each other. The soufflé and condiment cups nest on top of the container rather than in with the meal. Elevating fried foods from the bottom allows moisture to settle away from the meal while allowing steam to circulate. This keeps wings or other fried food crisper in comparison to a traditional takeout container. What makes the concept uniquely innovative is that it is not limited to use on a clamshell container. It can be integrated to be used on containers of various sizes, shapes, or materials, creating a portfolio of products that work together for hot and cold meals.

 “This entry demonstrated real excellence in enhanced user experience by understanding and addressing consumers and foodservice operators’ needs for increased food safety and functionality in take-out containers,” says David Luttenberger, CPP, global packaging director, Mintel Group.