Simply Eggless, part of the Simply Brand Foods family, leaders in plant-powered wellness, have announced their latest innovative product for the health-conscious, convenience-driven consumer. Simply Eggless Plant-Based Egg Patties are a game-changer for quick-service restaurant and food service companies, offering a delicious, yet practical product, which is designed to cater for those seeking healthier, tasty alternatives to eggs. These new Eggless patties help serve the ever-growing demand for plant-based substitutes, in a convenient, fuss-free, frozen form while eliminating waste, and saving the food industry time.  

“Simply Eggless Plant-Based Egg Patties offer a wholesome on-the-go convenience”

Made from lupin beans, and other plant-based ingredients, the benefits of Simply Eggless patties go beyond convenience:

  • The patties are: egg free, cholesterol free, cruelty free, non-GMO, soy free, gluten free and free from nuts.
  • They contain no: preservatives, sodium, sugar, or unhealthy fats.
  • But they do contain: tons of protein, fiber, and prebiotics for a healthy gut.
  • An added benefit for the quick-service restaurant and food service industry – the patties can be warmed up and ready to go in just 2 minutes!


Simply Eggless Plant-Based Egg Patties will appeal not only to the discerning consumers of exclusively plant-based diets, but also to those wanting to experience a new way of eating, moving towards a more environmentally sustainable way of life – without sacrificing the tastes they love.

Simply Eggless Plant-Based Egg Patties are now available in retail chains across the US, in the frozen section.  Also on offer, immediately available to the food service and quick-service restaurant industry, is a commercial 120ct bulk size: saving Simply Brand Foods’ clients both time and money.  For more information, visit or reach out to the team today.

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