Smart Hygiene, Irish healthtech company announces today that it is launching its flagship self-cleaning door handle to the US market. The Loop automated handle kills 99.99 percent of bacteria and seeks to eliminate cross contamination at a key point of infection, namely door handles in public spaces. 

The award-winning Loop has been under development for over a decade, having seen a variety of iterations and successful field trials. It functions by rotating the sleek sensor-operated handle through an antimicrobial solution and lasts for 10,000 rotations before being refilled. The Loop is easily maintained and sophisticated IoT functionality allows for the monitoring and communication of key indicators such as foot flow, solution levels and health of the device, insights accessible via the Smart Hygiene app. Crucially, the door handle is left disinfected and dry and can be installed into existing doors by the Smart Hygiene team. 

With 80 percent of infections spread by touch (the coronavirus no exception), it’s no surprise that fast food outlets are conducting more than 280 percent more ‘safety’ work weekly compared with pre-pandemic efforts. In order to generate and maintain brand loyalty, customers must be reassured that they are safe to eat after entering a quick service restaurant or using the washroom. Larger food chains are also increasingly relying on technology to streamline compliance and ensure consistent health and safety standards, a practice that looks set to continue for years ahead. Solutions such as the Smart Hygiene Loop offers a means to protect the wellbeing of patrons and employees, improve customer experience and brand image as well as leave a lasting positive impression in this new era of health and safety awareness. 

Commenting on the announcement of the launch Emer McKittrick, Marketing Director at Smart Hygiene says “The timing of our launch couldn’t be more appropriate and we look forward to rolling out the Loop in the US. Quick service restaurants face a unique challenge given the volume of people flowing in and out of the premises and chains need to rethink how they can protect their staff and customers. Good hygiene is only as strong as its weakest link and one person’s non-compliance with the proper standards can mean undoing the efforts of those who do. Our solutions are designed to insulate people who care about their hand hygiene from those who don’t.” 

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