Smoothie King Franchises Inc., is adding six new coffee-based smoothies to its menu. The chain invites guests to try the new blends for free before 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 18, during The Smoothie King Morning Wakeup Event at its more than 550 locations nationwide.

Guests can wake up with Smoothie King and choose a free 20-ounce blend from any of the new coffee or Mo’cuccino smoothies in caramel, mocha, or vanilla. The coffee smoothies include Gladiator protein to provide an energy boost and long-lasting fullness, while the Mo’cuccino mixes java with ice cream and protein, intended to be an indulgent treat.

“The added Gladiator protein keeps you feeling fuller longer,” says Steve Kuhnau, president and co-founder of Smoothie King.

Because the coffee in Smoothie King’s new line of smoothies is cold-brewed processed, more than 70 percent of the bitter acids and oils are removed, providing a smoother flavor and resting easier on the stomach.

Any of the coffee and Mo’cuccino smoothies can be made “skinny” by leaving out the turbinado, reducing the number calories and carbs in each of the blends.

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