Source Technologies, provider of kiosks and secure and MICR print solutions, announced it is Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) compliant. Under the WEEE directive, the company provides products free of hazardous material and enables a simple process for recycling its products including its ServPoint PRO family of kiosks and its ST9600 family of secure MICR printers.

A directive of the European Union (EU), WEEE puts forth requirements through which to identify products and procedures for the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment waste. The regulations call for manufacturers to originate information for users regarding how to properly submit products for recycling. Under the directive, Source Technologies will cover the cost of recycling various components.

“Compliance will result in the reuse of certain parts, like RAM memory and displays, while additional non-reusable parts will be sorted and recycled,” says Tom Crabtree, senior engineer compliance for Source Technologies. “Ultimately, through this process, less material will end up in landfills.”

Effective immediately, new products developed and sold by the company adhere to WEEE compliancy. Through these efforts, reducing the impact that electrical and electronic products have on the welfare of our planet, Source Technologies is taking another step toward environmental responsibility.

“With growing concern over the environment and specifically the disposal of so much electronic equipment in landfills, we are providing a very simple way to appropriately dispose and recycle our products with minimal customer impact,” says Kevin Kennedy, Source Technologies’ director of engineering.