Taylor Freezer Sales Company has announced its newest division in the foodservice industry, Lainox Cooking Solutions Mid Atlantic. The announcement is in tune with the debut of its Naboo Combi Ovens, to be unveiled at the "Technology That Cooks" special event at the Chef's Academy Cooking Center in North Carolina. A global leader in the foodservice industry that suits every business’s needs, the company would hold full distribution rights for the Naboo oven. Taylor Freezer Sales Company has been serving the Virginia and North Carolina markets since 1943, and has carved a niche for itself through its factory-trained service technicians, specialty foodservice equipment, and round-the-clock customer support.

The Chef's Academyserves as a state-of-art cooking center, and the much-awaited gastronomical affiliation is a great opportunity for the foodservice community to explore the current happenings in the industry. With entertainment by Ed Stephenson, the event is open to the public and is slated for Monday, July 25 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The evening will include recipes, food demos, and other cooking programs featuring the latest cooking technology for the commercial kitchen.

Some of the equipment to be featured includes the Taylor Two-Sided Crown Series Grill. the Taylor Magna Blend, the Taylor Batch Freezer, and the Broaster Pressure Fryer. 

Lainox Cooking Solutions Mid Atlantic, however, will focus on the highly anticipated Naboo oven. More than just a cooking device, it’s every chef's personal assistant. Its Cloud feature facilitates the process of cooking by providing ready suggestions, which provide excellent quality and consistent results without limiting the creativity of the chef. The worldwide network of Lainox’s passionate gastronomic community serves as a source of valuable insights, suggestions, and recipes.

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