Thanx, a technology company that drives incremental revenue for restaurants and retailers through personalized marketing campaigns and deeper customer loyalty, announced a new integration with Olo, the leading online food ordering solution for the restaurant industry. This new integration will allow restaurants to track and better understand customer spending habits whether it happens in-store or through digital or mobile ordering, and provide these restaurants with a detailed analysis of customer purchasing behavior, so they can in turn, develop more personalized, actionable and measurable customer engagement.

Thanx is an automated customer engagement platform that gives businesses a single view of who their customer is by seamlessly combining all databases, ranging from loyalty, credit card, email marketing and more, to build a clear customer profile. Now, through this partnership, that seamless connection is extended to digital ordering via Olo, including personalized, actionable campaigns to drive customers to place orders. The new integration also allows customers to automatically opt-in to loyalty programs to easily earn rewards following their first order.

“As consumers increasingly embrace digital ordering for pickup and delivery, restaurants have struggled to develop a clear view into customer purchase behavior across these new channels. The result is the continuation of generic marketing tactics that simply don’t work,” says Zach Goldstein, Thanx founder and CEO. “The Thanx and Olo integration is the only loyalty, marketing and ordering combination where customers can earn rewards on in-app purchases and in-store with no extra steps. This means restaurants have an accurate 360-degree view of customers no matter how they order. And better data means more personalized, efficient marketing and greater ROI.”

The core benefits of the integration include:

  • Single sign-on for customers for an easy and efficient ordering experience
  • Consolidated system of record for consumer purchasing behavior, whether in-store or off-premise
  • Loyalty accrual and redemption directly from the ordering checkout flow, helping operators attract and retain customers, while making it simple for customers to earn and redeem rewards
  • Precise marketing campaigns based on the customer’s ordering channel, delivering personalized experiences and interactions between customers and their favorite restaurants

“We are pleased to partner with Thanx to provide our restaurant partners the opportunity to better understand their customers’ ordering habits,” says Noah Glass, founder and CEO, Olo. “Today’s consumer demands the convenience that Olo provides, and restaurateurs are increasingly looking to dissect this data in meaningful ways that drives their strategic marketing plans and positions them for success. Partnering with Thanx enables our brands to achieve more with their digital programs.”