Inspired by the growing movement for “superfoods” as part of a healthy, active lifestyle restaurant brand Tropical Smoothie Café has amplified efforts to encourage guests to eat better, feel better, and live better in 2016 and beyond. Anchored by a new tagline and a fresh marketing and advertising rollout, the new “Eat Better. Feel Better.” campaign is designed to place Tropical Smoothie Café at the center of the mindful-eating segment that is driving consumer behavior.

“Tropical Smoothie Café’s menu has always boasted better-for-you products,” says Jennie Hong, senior director of brand marketing and strategy for Tropical Smoothie Café. “Consumer shift toward healthy eating is accelerating, particularly for the aging boomer demographics and Millennials. Our guests know that they don’t have to sacrifice taste for health because although nutrition is key, we are determined to make healthier eating satisfying and enjoyable.”

In doing so, the restaurant brand is making a substantial shift in positioning that makes it more than a casual eatery: a healthy lifestyle destination for those seeking fresh, innovative, high-quality, affordable meal options. New marketing efforts including their current promotion demonstrate the focus the brand has on encouraging guests to eat better. Their spring product lineup showcases the Cali Chicken Club Flatbread and Avocolada smoothie, which features nutritious avocados as well as the energizing Chia Banana Boost smoothie that is fortified with powerhouse ingredients. Tropical Smoothie Café strives to create innovative and nutrient-rich recipes that include fruits and vegetables to help customers feel good about eating our products.

“We know that what you put into your body fuels not only your body, but also your soul,” Hong says. “That’s why we have made national waves to demonstrate the importance of choosing better-for-you food options for health-conscious and on-the-go diners in search for healthy, fresh meals. While healthier options may have become a fast-casual trend in recent years, Tropical Smoothie Café takes pride in knowing we have spearheaded this initiative of a lifestyle choice from the beginning.”  

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