Vulcan, the leading provider of commercial cooking equipment, has launched its VC5G gas convection oven. Independently certified by Energy Star with a 56 percent cooking efficiency rating, the new VC5G has the highest Energy Star rating ever awarded to a full-size gas convection oven. Packed with innovative features and designed to meet the needs of high-volume foodservice customers, the VC5G is the only convection oven to have doors that are removable and dishwasher safe, leading to greatly simplified routine cleaning for kitchen staff.

The unique “lift-off” door feature allows operators to clean the doors more efficiently and to help preserve much-needed visibility when cooking top-quality food. The customer-driven innovation provides a solution for inconvenient cleaning and a new method to reduce oven door grease buildup. For foodservice professionals, window transparency is crucial in limiting the frequency of oven doors being opened for food monitoring, as higher frequencies lead to inconsistent oven cooking temperatures, overcooked/undercooked food, food loss, and diner dissatisfaction.

The Vulcan VC5G also features innovative cutout, grab-and-go racks for easy loading and unloading, digital time/temperature readouts, and intuitive controls. Instead of touch pads that require multiple finger taps and an understanding of programming logic, the VC5G is controlled by two dials with gradient markings and toggle switches, similar to residential cooking equipment. Like all Vulcan ovens, the VC5G is built to be durable and perform consistently under the most intense professional cooking environments.

“Vulcan’s commitment to innovation is reflected in our newest piece of equipment, the VC5G oven,” says Chris Bauermann, business unit manager of convection ovens at Vulcan. “It is the only one on the market that can deliver so many tangible benefits to foodservice professionals: significant energy efficiency, super easy to clean removable doors, efficient grab-and-go oven racks, and very intuitive to use controls. With the VC5G, it’s never been easier to maximize labor productivity so the focus remains on the most important thing of all: delivering consistently high-quality food for customers.”

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