Brooklyn Water Enterprises Inc., the pioneering company that creates Brooklynized water for use in all its restaurants’ food, beverage, and bakery products, today announced the launch of The Original Brooklyn Water Bottling Co.

In partnership with Keystone Water Company in Lake Placid, Florida, the bottling company began delivering water to company restaurants from the first of several planned regional bottling facilities.

“Having our bottled Brooklynized water produced at the plants will allow restaurants to have more product on hand while reducing labor and increasing profitability,” says Steven M. Fassberg, founder, chairman, and chief executive officer.

The bottling company and The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. are subsidiaries of Brooklyn Water Enterprises Inc. The company uses its 14-step proprietary water technology to create Brooklynized water in each of its restaurants, and now at the plant. The bottling plant has the capacity to create 50,000 bottles of Brooklynized water per day.

“Leonard Marsh, the co-founder of Snapple who joined our advisory board earlier this year, will play an integral role in the bottling company,” Fassberg says. “His insight will be invaluable as our company continues its rapid national expansion.”

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