SereniTea, a California-based beverage company, is proud to announce a fresh assortment of USDA organic green teas using patented beverage processing technology. 

Single servings of tea are stored in convenient, portable packets to be poured into an iced glass or hot mug of water, to create the perfect cup of green tea without the hassle of steeping time or tea bags.

The patented beverage processing technology developed by SereniTea partners in China is a revolutionary method used to minimally process drinks while prolonging shelf life without the use of preservatives or refrigeration. 

SereniTea is available in the following flavors: lemon, peach, raspberry, and green tea. All flavors are also offered in caffeinated and naturally decaffeinated forms.

Retail boxes of fifteen liquid SereniTea packets are available at all Southern California and Las Vegas Albertsons and Stater Brothers locations, as well as various stores across the U.S.  

SereniTea is harvested three times per year at the peak of freshness from the coveted Wuyi Mountains of China, and is made from the finest whole tealeaves. Once the leaves are dried through the patented extract process, they yield a rich liquid that when mixed with water provides consumers with an innovative beverage.

SereniTea is USDA Certified Organic and possesses double the antioxidants of a regular steeped tea due to its concentrated properties.

“Americans are increasingly becoming more health conscious with their choice of beverage and what is beneficial for their health and longevity,” says Lois Smith CEO. 

“SereniTea’s decaffeination process uses a water base process alleviating use of harsh chemicals, providing our customers the safest form of decaffeination while retaining the top quality flavor and over double the amount of anti-oxidants from a normal steeped bag of tea.”

All SereniTea flavor varieties offer naturally healthy properties and have zero calories, carbs, and grams of sugar.

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