Taco Mac of Atlanta, in order to support its robust growth plan, needs to collect, integrate, and analyze data across their concept, across menu offerings and promotions, and across various restaurant configurations. Corporate and regional management need to get the right data subsets to its teams accurately and quickly. So, after a thorough review of its options including internal development, Taco Mac chose Mirus Enterprise for its ability to reconfigure data and create customizable alerts and dashboards, features that help managers locate the opportunities to improve results and develop new programs.


The system they replaced produced static sales and transaction reports. Senior director of systems and technology, Adrian Dragomir, knew that Taco Mac needed much more functionality: integration of sales, food, and labor costs, promotion and customer satisfaction data, transaction analysis, with the capability to find and report insights about the business. With Mirus’s “drag and drop” reporting function, managers can now organize data and create pivot tables for fast and effective analysis and transmittal. An additional capability is Mirus’s “Dimension Maintenance” Tool, which allows Taco Mac to create groups that go beyond basic sales and expenses, and select multiple parameters such as type of location, configuration, years in operation, and filter and link those groups for additional analysis. Dragomir and the Taco Mac management team will be drawing on Mirus’s flexible analysis and reporting capabilities as Taco Mac grows: “These are the required tools we need to grow in a very competitive market.”


Mirus CEO Dave Bennett knew that Mirus could provide the action-focused software to meet Taco Mac’s criteria. “Our restaurant software is built to be dynamic, to allow our customers to collect, integrate, and configure their basic information such as sales, transactions and costs, and then expand to add other factors and link them for exception reporting and analysis. Whether our client has dozens or thousands of outlets, the Mirus Enterprise report writer gives our customers the tools to measure the success of their restaurant profit strategies.”

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