TCBY is offering its own stimulus package to one fortunate individual: a ready-to-serve TCBY store anywhere in the U.S., a value worth more than $300,000. In this spirit, TCBY is challenging the more than 1,500 franchisors across America to join the effort and also award a free franchise.

Not only does the recipient receive a free TCBY store, the award also includes the hiring of local employees, revenue to the city’s tax base, and income for local vendors. If each franchisor agreed, this challenge would translate to approximately 30,000 jobs.

“With the unemployment rate sitting just below 10 percent nationally, this challenge could be an opportunity for franchisors to help stimulate local economies across the nation, and ultimately, improve the discouraging national unemployment rate,” says Michael Ward, CEO of TCBY. “We’ve been very impressed with the entrepreneurial, business-minded entries we’ve received thus far, so it feels right that the franchise industry, which plays such an important part of our economy, join our effort.

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