Follet's 7 Series ice and water dispenser was selected as a 2013 Kitchen Innovations award recipient by the National Restaurant Association (NRA). The 7 Series will be featured in the Kitchen Innovations exhibit at the NRA Show 2013, held May 18-21 in Chicago.

The 7 series was designed to solve the problems of height, drain availability, and aesthetic design in employee refreshment and related venues.

At only 17.59 inches high, the 7 Series dispenser is short enough to go on a counter under a wall-mounted cabinet, and its 14.62-inch width takes up minimal counter space.

Despite its compact size, 7 Series can produce up to 125 pounds of consumer-preferred Chewblet nugget ice per day and store up to 7 pounds.

To solve the drain availability issue that limits the placement of many dispensers, Follett designed the 7 Series icemaker and bin such that melted ice in the enclosed bin returns to the icemaker to be refrozen rather than drain out of the dispenser.

In addition to eliminating the need for a drain, this design reduces installation costs and allows 7 Series to be installed in places where other icemakers and dispensers cannot be. It also minimizes water consumption, contributing to energy and water efficiency.

Finally, the aesthetic design with capacitative touch dispenser interface and soft blue accent lighting complements any decor, with the added benefit of an energy-conserving sleep mode, making it ideal to place in areas such as pantries, reception areas, lounges, and other similar venues.

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