Baskin-Robbins' August Flavor of the Month, Picnic Punch is a cool, refreshing Watermelon and Green Apple flavored sherbet swirl. 

The red and green sherbet combination is reminiscent of a classic hard candy that has always been a summer thirst quencher. Now it takes the form of a classic sherbet dessert that is lower in calories than ice cream, but high in satisfaction and flavor.

"Sherbet is a classic ice cream alternative for those seeking a lower calorie frozen dessert," says Brian O'Mara, Baskin-Robbins vice president of marketing. "Sherbets are wildly popular during the hottest months of the year, and we wanted to deliver a new fruity combination we know our flavor aficionados will enjoy."

In Baskin-Robbins stores nationwide during the month of August, Picnic Punch is available by the scoop, in a cup, or in a cone – or as part of a Baskin-Robbins classic sundae. It is also available in hand-packed pints, quarts, and half gallons, so frozen dessert fanatics can enjoy Picnic Punch at home. Picnic Punch is versatile enough to serve as an icy dessert, snack, appetizer – or even as the basis for its namesake – a punch!

"Flavor enthusiasts are always seeking variety and originality in their ice cream and sherbet choices," O'Mara says. "The sweet, refreshing watermelon flavor combined with tart and tangy green apple flavor makes for a perfect summertime refresher that we think our guests will love."


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