BentoBox, a hospitality platform that empowers restaurants to own their presence, profits and relationships, today announced the launch of Bento Door-to-Door, a convenient, affordable, and reliable delivery fulfillment solution for restaurants using Bento Ordering.

At a time when many restaurants are almost entirely reliant on online ordering to bring in revenue, Bento Door-to-Door drives higher margins for restaurants through flat pricing, and BentoBox never takes a cut of the courier service fees. Besides affordability, Bento Door-to-Door offers fast setup and simple order management. The turnkey delivery service enables restaurants to access an on-demand network of best-in-class couriers to deliver orders directly to diners in their area. By integrating delivery directly into their websites, restaurants benefit from simple, painless order management. Features include automatic driver assignment, visibility into order status, and control over settings like driver instructions and order minimums with the click of a button. By empowering restaurants to maintain ownership over customer relationships and data while outsourcing logistics, Bento Door-to-Door provides a compelling delivery option that helps restaurants to completely control delivery fees with a built-in, full or partial offset. 

“As part of our mission to help restaurants drive revenue, build relationships, and take control during COVID-19 and beyond, we are excited to announce this next evolution to our online ordering solution,” said Krystle Mobayeni, co-founder and CEO of BentoBox. “Restaurants have full ownership over branded ordering and customer information while also maintaining the convenience and simplicity of automatic couriers for incoming orders.” 

Bento Door-to-Door provides restaurants with access to an industry-leading delivery network, fast setup and service, and user-friendly integration. Orders are delivered for a flat per-order fee of $6.99, which is adjustable if a restaurant wants to absorb it in part or full to offer free delivery to diners. Bento Door-to-Door makes it incredibly easy for restaurants to add delivery fulfillment directly to their branded websites.  

Since late March 2020, BentoBox has tracked a notable increase in online orders, making their mission to aid the hospitality of restaurants in new innovative ways increasingly important. While keeping track of the pandemic’s impact on the restaurant industry, Bentobox has launched a myriad of crucial relief offerings in addition to Bento Door-to-Door, like the COVID Relief Fund donation feature for online checkout, an online directory called Restaurants.Love, free webinars, and a three-part guide to help restaurants reopen.

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