Chicken Out Rotisserie, a small chain with a commitment to quality, is growing in leaps and bounds. With busy consumers clamoring for wholesome meals with a home-cooked taste, the restaurants are in high demand.

According to the Washington Business Journal, the company will add twenty-two stores in the next two years. Branching out from its home base in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Chicken out says it will open fourteen restaurants in nearby Washington, D.C., and eight in Atlanta. Company executives are reportedly keeping an eye on North Carolina as well.

The move towards franchising is a significant one for the chain, which will double in size with these planned openings.

Chicken Out positions itself as a high-quality home meal replacement option, and caters meals for single families as well as large groups. Its motto, “Real Food. Cooked Right. From Scratch.,” is backed by a promise of hormone-free poultry, no preservatives, and small batches of food cooked fresh on-premise. The chain believes that consumers are pleased by the homey atmosphere of its stores, which feature hardwood floors and a well-trained staff.

Annual sales at Chicken Out already top $30 million.

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