DTT is pleased to announce that long-term customers, Amir and Hania Yazdi, were named Multi-Unit National Franchisee of the Year at the 2013 SUBWAY Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. As a multi-store operator with locations all across Southern California, Yazdi has experienced incredible growth over the past few years and taken great advantage of DTT’s suite of services including POS integration, MyDTT, and Video Exception reports, among others.


At the SUBWAY Convention late July, DTT signed up over 100 new locations. “We are so proud of our relationship with the SUBWAY community. I’m especially thrilled for Amir’s achievement! As a partner to his organization for seven plus years, we have seen tremendous growth in his operation and are truly honored to have played a very small role in his success. Moving forward, we will continue to provide him with our latest technologies and solutions to ensure that his enterprise keeps developing and also look forward to supporting new and other existing SUBWAY operators,” says Sam Naficy, president and CEO of DTT.


“Running a smooth operation is extremely important to the success of the business and DTT has really helped us to accomplish that over the past several years. With all of the tools and services they provide, I have been able to get a better understanding of what goes on at my locations and where we can improve. DTT’s proactive surveillance solution has positively impacted my bottom line and allowed me to identify employees requiring more training and enhance customer service,” Amir says. “I am so honored to be recognized as the National Franchisee of the Year for SUBWAY and know that DTT played a huge role in this accomplishment.”


DTT currently supports over 7,000 SUBWAY locations nationwide.

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Employee Management, News, Sandwiches, Subway