Gloria Jean’s Coffees–US, an innovator in the specialty coffee segment providing fresh, premium blends and award-winning roasts, announced its new winter beverage lineup.

The new Salted Toffee Bar Chiller and Latte, also available over ice, is the creation of a talented barista in Ohio who beat out many in a recipe competition. The winter menu will also feature three new beverage options all brewed with the decadent Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Whole Beans: a Chiller, Mocha and Cold Brew. Coffee-lovers who enjoy sipping their Gloria Jean’s Coffee in the warmth of their own homes will want to purchase a few bags of the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Whole Beans available in stores and online, along with an exciting return from Gloria’s Vault—Chocolate Caramel Turtle Whole Beans.

“Winter is a chilly time of year and we’re honored to warm up the hearts and homes of our guests with our new, flavorful, high-quality offerings,” says Rosemary Doody, Director of Marketing for Gloria Jean’s Coffees – U.S. “We love blending unique flavor profiles and we really hit the jackpot with these highly craveable sweet and salty winter creations. We’re confident guests will are going to love our new seasonal beverages.”

Guests will be able to enjoy the following Gloria Jean’s Coffees seasonal menu offerings through March 8, 2020:

Holiday Beverages:

New Salted Toffee Bar Chiller – the perfect marriage of sweet and salty! Combines the delicious flavors of Gloria Jean’s Coffees’ creamy cocoa, signature cappuccino base, Heath toffee bits and caramel flavors. Topped with whipped cream and even more yummy Heath toffee bits

New Salted Toffee Bar Latte – made with silky textured milk, Gloria Jean’s Coffees’ espresso blend and creamy cocoa with English toffee and salted caramel flavors, this craveable latte is topped with whipped cream and Heath toffee bits

New Salted Toffee Bar Over Ice – Gloria Jean’s Coffees’ creamy cocoa, espresso blend and 2 percent milk mixed with caramel and English toffee flavors and poured over ice

New Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Chiller – sweet and plump raspberries meet creamy cocoa, topped with whipped cream … it’s a match made in Chiller heaven. Gloria Jean’s Coffees’ chocolate raspberry truffle toddy blended with creamy cocoa, 2 percent milk and raspberry flavors result in a fruity kick with the smooth, sweet tones of delicious chocolate

New Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Mocha – featuring silky textured milk, Gloria Jean’s Coffees’ chocolate raspberry truffle toddy, creamy cocoa and raspberry flavors, this indulgent Mocha is topped with whipped cream

New Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cold Brew – this popular winter option is composed of Gloria Jean’s Coffees’ chocolate raspberry truffle toddy and water, then poured over ice

Seasonal Whole Beans:

All seasonal whole beans are available in 16 oz. bags for purchase in-store and online.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle – an elegant taste of dark chocolate, raspberry liqueur and real dried raspberries

Chocolate Caramel Turtle – a winter surprise from Gloria’s Vault! Chocolatey caramel with a pleasant pecan finish makes for the perfect winter aroma

Doody continues, “Gloria Jean’s Coffees is the originator of the flavored whole bean and although we’ve been in business for over 40 years, I think we’re just getting started. With our talented R&D team behind us, the flavor combinations are endless and we’re looking forward to introducing some very exciting creations in 2020.” 

Gloria Jean’s Coffees sources 100 percent of its coffees directly from exotic locations across the globe, with every bean roasted in its Southern California headquarters which includes a private test kitchen for ongoing R&D and a full roasting and processing facility managed by the company’s roasters.

Available through March 8, 2020, Gloria Jean’s Coffees’ new winter menu and seasonal whole bean offerings will be available along with the brand’s full menu at all 61 U.S. locations.

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