HME Hospitality and Specialty Communications announced the release of Text & Connect, a powerful new NEXEO | HDX feature used to send  real-time, personalized, text-to-speech alerts to select restaurant teams and stores via the NEXEO headset. Text & Connect revolutionizes store operations by enabling restaurant leaders to build  employee engagement, recognize outstanding performance, and deliver consistent  communication at any time and from anywhere.  

The NEXEO | HDX restaurant communication platform is known for world-class drive-thru  audio while also being uniquely designed to enhance efficiency and communication in key areas  of the restaurant beyond the drive-thru. The all-new Text & Connect, for example, helps deliver  critical messages when it matters most. Whether it’s a reminder of a new promotional offer, an  urgent notification to managers of a change in a process, or an announcement to celebrate an  employee milestone, the message is relayed in real time, without interrupting the drive-thru.  

“Currently, when an operator wants to make an announcement they send their managers a group  text,” says Brianna Martin, Senior Product Manager at HME Hospitality & Specialty  Communications. “But how likely is it that they’ll see it right away? Now managers don’t need  to be on their phones or in the back office to ensure they receive a message. Text & Connect  gives restaurant leaders direct access to their teams through the NEXEO headset.”  

To send a message, simply type in your kudos or updates in HME CLOUD and select the store  or stores you want to reach. Your text message is then converted to audio and played in real time  to your recipients via the NEXEO headset.  

Text & Connect is available now with the NEXEO or NEXEO Pro solution.

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