Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc., a leading marketing technologies solutions provider, has published a new white paper highlighting the many variables a company should consider when selecting the appropriate media player for its digital signage system.


Because displays are the most visible component, they tend to get the most attention when considering a digital signage system. But media players are equally important as they determine the quality, speed, and reliability of the content that customers see.


In today’s market there are several platforms to consider when choosing a media player, including new technologies like Android or ARM-based players, multi-output players and displays with embedded players. A company should consider the following when selecting a media player for its digital signage solution:


  • Type and style of content to be displayed

  • Whether the system will be connected to the Internet

  • Whether the system will include interactive signage or kiosks

  • Number and physical location of displays

  • Additional hardware to support comprehensive systems


The whitepaper discusses these five factors to consider when selecting a media player to support a digital signage solution. Maximizing the hardware investment, while ensuring proper content delivery, consistency, and reliably, is imperative to maintaining brand quality, engaging customers, and driving return on investment.