Larger Wendy's franchisees are looking for a way to raise the overall quality of applicants applying for open positions.

Franchisees of 15 or more locations are beginning to turn toward online companies for help. The companies are providing solutions in the form of easy-to-use applicant tracking systems focused on the restaurant industry.

Some Wendy's franchisees have found the solution in WyckWyre, a restaurant-specific applicant tracking system. The company works heavily with different Wendy's franchisees, large and small, across the United States.

"It's a big movement that many human resource departments are reporting," says Lisa DiVirgilio, WyckWyre's marketing manager. "There is a definite need to take hiring online to not only streamline the process, but to reach a broader base of applicants when posting positions. Just having paper applications isn't cutting it anymore."

"WyckWyre has given us the opportunity to go out and source people from different avenues,” says Ed Anderson, Wendy's franchisee and Wendy's Quality Supply Chain Co-Op (QSCC) board chairman. “The quality of applicant has been significantly stronger.”

Pennant Foods, a Wendy's franchisee that operates 90 restaurant locations in southern California and eastern Tennessee, recently signed on with WyckWyre to source better applicants and to utilize WyckWyre's prescreening feature. The feature allows employers to focus on quality candidates for the job.

With WyckWyre, each applicant is put through a series of yes/no questions, and a long-form, written-response interview, allowing for a comprehensive review of the candidates skill sets. The questions also target the culture of the Wendy's brand to review the applicant's ability to fit into everyday operations.

The move from Pennant comes with many other big-name Wendy's franchises recently signing on with WyckWyre, including The Briad Group, First Sun Management Corp., Parco LTD, Wendy's of Bowling Green, All-Star Management, and more.

"We've noticed larger franchisees are looking for an easy-to-use hiring system, but refuse to sacrifice robust prescreening for simplicity," DiVirgilio says. "Wendy's franchisees report that the virtual interview's long-form written responses are extremely valuable to them during the hiring process. They say they love how it can save them about four to six hours per hire, on average."

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