10 best fast food franchise investment deals offer restaurant profit for franchisees.
These 10 brands offer the best bang for your buck—plus a little something extra.
Investing in the right equipment for your drive thru leads to a better ROI and customer engagement.

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Here's what Tom Colicchio has in store for newly rebranded ’Wichcraft.

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Employers can transform ‘cash register’ culture into ‘customer service
How an age-old preservation technique is finding its place in contemporary American cuisine.
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The advent of fast-casual pizza has brought with it a bevy of oven prototypes. New to quick service, these ovens harken back to old-school Italy, long before the days of speedy electric, gas, and convection ovens. From wood-fired to stone to brick, these ovens boast a speedy cook time and many...
The Olympics present opportunities, challenges for more brands.
Say what you will about Americans’ relative indifference to international sports, but the excitement ahead of the Olympic Summer Games, held this year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is palpable. The 2012 London Olympics were the most watched television event in U.S. history, with 219.4 million viewers...
Charlotte NC based fast casual restaurant JJs inspired by Buffalo hot dog heritage.
Menu Innovations
The concept is based on a hot dog joint I grew up with in Buffalo, New York, called Ted’s. It’s been around since the ’20s. The No. 1 is based on a Ted’s hot dog with the works: pickle spear, hot relish, onion, and mustard. “They use a Buffalo product called Weber’s Mustard. We import Weber’s...
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Many a fast casual has been catapulted to success by doing one (or two) things really well. For Chipotle it was build-your-own burritos; Shake Shack perfected the nostalgic burger-shake combo; and sweetgreen cornered salads. But Southern California concept The Stand is casting a wider net. Instead...
Weiners can be winners with an emphasis on quality and innovation
Menu Innovations
Let’s be frank. Hot dogs and sausages can be winners. Although hamburgers and chicken get the lion’s share of attention as quick-service restaurant entrées, wieners also hold a respected place as a contributor to the growth of fast food. From hot dog carts dating to the 19th century to today’s...
Michigan fast food pizza chain executive talks career inspiration.
Start to Finish: What Inspires Execs
The pizza business has been my life since high school, when I started out helping a friend deliver pizzas. I went to college to become a schoolteacher and got a job at a Ford motor plant to make money through college. I knew it wasn’t the industry for me long-term, and education jobs weren’t...
Dog Haus' Adam Gertler shares tips for quality hot dogs
Menu Innovations
Adam Gertler may be the only würstmacher in the fast-casual industry—or even in all of restaurants, as far as he knows. But it’s not a job he takes lightly. The food TV personality and former star of “Food Network Star” and “Kid in a Candy Store” is passionate about hot dogs and sausages, a passion...
Restaurants lure customers with Pokémon Go
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By this point, brands are used to the evolving landscape of social media; they know that a new platform could quickly overtake a more established one. Nevertheless, few businesses—if any—foresaw the phenomenon that is Pokémon Go. According to app consulting platform Sensor Tower, the augmented...
QSR chains roll out mobile smart phone ordering apps for customer experience.
Restaurants love to incessantly nudge their customers to be loyal by rewarding them each time they come back. After all, the best customer is the one you already have.But today’s loyalty programs are moving beyond the tried-and-true punch card to the more in-demand smartphone app.
Top QSR chains develop new bowl food menu items to appeal to customers.
As vessels intended for eating go, it’s tough to top the versatility and comfort quotient of the tried and true bowl.While a plate behaves more like a canvas begging for some sort of formal presentation, a bowl is all about function, familiarity, and feel.
A diverse portfolio increases financial stability and efficiency
The world of franchising has long succeeded by giving regular people the chance at achieving the American dream and owning their own business.
Fast casual restaurant chain leader Chipotle lost customers from ecoli outbreak.
Since opening its first restaurant in Denver in 1993, Chipotle Mexican Grill has redefined the world of limited-service dining.
Fast food chain operators use self service technology to enhance restaurant experience.
While a growing number of fast casuals are employing touchscreen kiosks, some are taking self-service beyond the order station.