SoCal fast casual Greenleaf is ready for rapid expansion.
These high-tech solutions withstand harsh environments and improve customer experience.

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With new digital tools, operators are rethinking on-the-go ordering.

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How 15 of the top quick-service and fast-casual chains stack up in the outdoor lane.
Digital menuboards are a big investment. How do you make sure they pay off?
Drive Thru
Drive thrus haven’t changed much since they first sprouted up across America in the 1950s—at least from the customer’s perspective. There’s still the drive-thru lane, the menuboard, the order station, and the pickup window. But that also means many of the problems traditionally associated with...
Menu Innovations
The concept of serving an entrée that includes at least one side dish—perhaps a starch or vegetable—has long been part of dining tradition. Think of steak with a baked potato or grilled salmon accompanied by fresh green beans. These plated meals were copied to a degree by quick-service eateries in...
Web Exclusive
As the Great Recession was attaching the proverbial boot to multi-unit restaurants across the nation in 2007, Jon Rollo and his Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop were preparing for the future. They just didn’t realize it at the time. During those white-knuckle months, Greenleaf, a Southern California–...
Menu Innovations
John Tesar has never been one to hold back when he has an opinion. The James Beard Award semifinalist and former “Top Chef” contestant has made a name for himself as a brash food personality, once even named by a local magazine as “The Most Hated Chef in Dallas.” Now Tesar is speaking his mind when...
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Marc Halperin: Resident F&B Expert
The classic, time-honored restaurant hierarchy has been in place for longer than most of you reading these words have been alive. Since at least the first half of the 20th century, there were high-end restaurants—upscale, fine-dining, white-tablecloth establishments aiming to deliver a distinctly...
Outside Insights
As an independent quick service restaurant owner, you have a lot of decisions to make. From determining your menu items and managing inventory to hiring staff and adjusting schedules, you are constantly on the go, making decisions that will ultimately affect your bottom line. What if you could make...
Menu Innovations
Everyone knows fast casual has been booming. But today, an even more niche segment within fast casual is growing just as fast. Call it “fast casual 2.0,” “elevated fast casual,” or “fine fast,” but these new concepts—many of which were started by chefs—focus on fine dining–quality food at more...
Industry News
It can be difficult for some Americans and people around the globe to grasp the immediate dangers of climate change. Most of us have never seen a polar bear in his natural habitat or watched the artic sea ice melt. Ben & Jerry’s, which is no stranger to social issues, understands this problem...


Before opening their doors to a new location or even new market, quick-serve and fast-casual operators must find that special real estate and then negotiate a lease that will ensure them the coveted spot.According to Falcon Realty Advisors, whose clients include fast casuals Modern Market, Hopdoddy
When it comes to business, Americans tend to fall in love with the new—new companies, new products, new deals.
As an independent quick service restaurant owner, you have a lot of decisions to make.
With a more educated consumer demanding customization and transparency from restaurants, the limited-service industry is already on the path toward more effectively addressing the small-yet-loyal food allergy community.The extra steps that prevent cross-contamination—from switching gloves to a