McAlister's Deli's new sandwiches are on-trend for 2018.
Here are the major trends operators can expect in the year ahead.
From expansion to equipment, these solutions help operators handle business challenges.

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Brands are stepping up their entertainment and food offerings.

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Big data is supplanting census stats for restaurants.
Research finds that the right music mix drives increases, while popular-music playlists fall flat.
A lot can be, and has been, said about modern-day consumers: They crave experiences rather than goods; their tastes are increasingly sophisticated; they’re seeking quality, value, and, above all, convenience. In short, they want it all. And when it comes to food and entertainment, it looks like...
Taco Bell will start delivering in the near future.
Taco Bell announced Thursday that it’s reached an agreement with franchisees to fund new technology initiatives, including self-serve kiosks, improved back-of-house systems, delivery, and more. “Our fantastic relationship with our franchisees and our growth mindset have enabled us to create an...
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Quick-service restaurants will look beyond technology to differentiate their drive thrus and improve the customer experience in the year ahead, as curbside pickup and delivery options pick up steam. This was one of the 2018 predictions for the industry from King-Casey, a well-known restaurant and...
The U.S. Department of Labor announced Tuesday that it is extending the deadline for the public to make comments on its newly proposed changes to tip pooling rules from 30 days to 60 days. This move comes after Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta received a letter from 46 Democrats from the House of...
Bruegger’s is closing locations around the country.
Einstein Noah Restaurant Group announced it is closing 30 Bruegger’s Bagels bakeries. The restaurants are primarily in Eastern markets. The company said the decision was based on financial performance and improved positioning for future growth. The group added that it will be taking steps to help...
Shake Shack
Shake Shack, well known for its customer service, took a surprising step in early October when its first-ever automated, cash-less store opened in Astor Place in New York City. The new prototype features self-order kiosks and a streamlined kitchen design meant to quickly turn around orders as they...
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While many restaurants have begun offering mobile order-ahead to their customers, many hesitate due to the operational complexities they face in developing this functionality. As daunting as it may seem, the reality is that the benefits of implementing order ahead far outweigh the challenges in its...
The Soup Cup
Menu Innovations
The tagline for Traverse City, Michigan–based fast casual The Soup Cup is “A Microsouperie,” a play on the popular microbrewery term. And just like the change microbreweries have brought about to perceptions of beer, co-owners Scott and Rita Nitsche want to revolutionize how Americans view and...
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For those limited-service brands that don’t yet have mobile ordering, consider three words of advice from Nike: Just do it.Within the next three years, every quick serve with any kind of regional or national footprint will have mobile ordering system-wide, says Russell Zack, senior vice president of
Even with the increased frequency of other forms of payment, quick-serve restaurant operations are still largely cash-run enterprises, with cash accounting for more than 30 percent of all transactions. But as cash flow grows, so does the risk.
The term “point-of-sale” can be a bit of a misnomer.
Bruegger’s is closing locations around the country.
Einstein Noah Restaurant Group announced it is closing 30 Bruegger’s Bagels bakeries. The restaurants are primarily in Eastern markets.
 Farmer Boys
“Working together, our marketing and R&D teams identified, concept-tested, and market-tested soup flavors that would resonate with our guests.
Food safety is key to any restaurant.
The food service industry was shaken when restaurant chain Chipotle had multiple, widespread food safety outbreaks, spanning various states.
For many chefs at quick-service and fast-casual restaurants, working with poultry is similar to an artist facing a blank canvas: The fairly neutral object can be used to create something unique and appealing.Even though deep-frying is incredibly popular in the limited-service space, there are other
For years, Pita Pit worked to educate customers about the nutritional value of its various pita fillings and toppings.
Until fairly recently, when people wanted cakes, cookies, croissants, cobblers, pastries, pies, popovers, muffins, or mille-feuilles, they had absolutely no expectation that the item in question would be anything other than a decadent, high-calorie treat.