QSR chains develop new and alternative burger meat options for health crowd.
Menu Innovations
Americans love burgers. This is indisputable, experts say. The simple protein patty in a bun is firmly imprinted on the nation’s culinary DNA. Some data indicates we eat at least one burger a week. During a one-month period a year ago, more than 60 percent of consumers visited a quick-service...
Industry News
As American consumers prepare for summer vacations and longer, more flexible days, restaurants can ready themselves for increased traffic with seasonal hires. But as the annual Summer Hiring Survey from job search engine Snagajob, finding and retaining good workers won’t be a breeze. Although the...
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Fast casual restaurant chain leader Chipotle lost customers from ecoli outbreak.
Food Safety
Since opening its first restaurant in Denver in 1993, Chipotle Mexican Grill has redefined the world of limited-service dining. Its “Food With Integrity” focus ushered in a new wave of consumer demand for foods deemed fresher and more wholesome—even if equally as calorie-dense—than the ingredients...
Chef Mike Isabella takes the food court to new heights.
A funny thing happened to the nation’s food courts: They became cultural yawners. The food choices got stale. The furniture remained plastic. And the atmosphere stayed static. But in a nation increasingly driven by foodies, that’s starting to change. Some ho-hum food courts, many of them decades...
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Industry News
Eight years ago, when Adriana López Vermut gave birth to her first child, her father Leopoldo López Gil posed an unexpected question. “‘Well, what are you going to do to stay connected to your heritage and your family? And how are your kids going to know where you come from?’” Vermut says,...
Hip salad fast casual chain restaurant has woman business leader at helm.
Fast Casual
Walk into a sweetgreen and you see the restaurant of the future. You see a brightly lit dining room with modern wood finishes. You see a beverage station with house-made juices, teas, and sodas. You see a chalk-scrawled menuboard boasting of seasonal and local ingredients like beets, lentils, and...
Philly healthy fast casual restaurant chain offers wholesome nutritious stir fries.
Emerging Concepts
Less than five years ago, Justin Rosenberg worked full time as a financial analyst and asset manager while pursuing an MBA at Temple University. He and his wife, Halie, had a new baby at home, and despite all he had on his plate, he couldn’t shake the desire to start his own company. “I was on a...
DC business entrepreneur builds sandwich restaurant empire from scratch.
Start to Finish: What Inspires Execs
I took a job at the age of 14 as a host for a restaurant chain in my hometown. Even as a teenager, I really enjoyed the interaction with customers, centering on food. I would often gravitate toward the kitchen, and found myself amazed at the team back there. They always seemed to be having a blast...
San Diego chef driven fast casual operates from touch screen tablet system.
These days, it’s not uncommon to see restaurant staff take orders on an iPad or guests swiping their credit cards on a tablet reader. Mobile technology can integrate various facets of an operation.
Fast casual restaurant chain leader Chipotle lost customers from ecoli outbreak.
Since opening its first restaurant in Denver in 1993, Chipotle Mexican Grill has redefined the world of limited-service dining.
Canada Asian food chain Wok Box had employee lose weight on its meals.
Twenty-year-old Alec Vela and 22-year-old Emily Allworth, both employees in the foodservice industry, drastically turned their lives around. Vela and Allworth each recently lost about 50 pounds due to changes in their diet and exercise habits.
QSR and fast casual chains balance high food costs with quality sourcing.
Less than a decade ago, the Alfredo sauce at Fazoli’s, a quick-service brand that prides itself on classic Italian items, was more water than dairy.“It was mainly water and some dairy and some … voodoo stuff,” says Fazoli’s CEO Carl Howard with a laugh.The weaknes
Restaurant breakfast is growing trend
You have nearly everything you need to be successful at breakfast: Beautiful facilities, a trained staff, and loyal customers.So why do so many operations struggle with this daypart? Keeping up is often hard to do.