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    Mary Avant

  • KFC and Saladworks have fine-tuned their concepts after falling on hard times.
    Here's how to design your brand's turnaround—from the leaders who have directed their own impressive resurrections.
    A Panera Bread building stands in the distance. The fast casual was sold in 2017.
    Four trends that will have an impact on the bottom line in 2018 and beyond.
    As the eatertainment trend continues to take hold, brands are placing a greater emphasis on food and beverage to capture customer interest.
    Emerging cafeteria style fast casual restaurants provide trendy new foods.
    Better-for-you brands are breathing new life into this old-school format.
    A rundown of what’s new and what’s next in technology as it relates to five aspects of running a restaurant business.
    How four generations of brands are celebrating a combined 725 years of limited-service success.
    Brands look to alternative proteins for healthier and more sustainable meat options.
    Dreaming of your brand joining the QSR 50? These three milestones will help get you there.
    Operators shrink portions to satisfy health- and price-conscious consumers.
    Menu innovators take a closer look at the ingredients and dishes common in healthful ethnic cuisines.
    Fast casual 2.0 chains are going after the evening daypart with an arsenal of plated meals, craft beverages, and linger-worthy ambiance.
    Despite a number of challenges, brands are once again exploring shipping-container design for new restaurant construction.
    It's the biggest decision start-up operators have: where to expand when their hometown is just too small.
    Brands turn to new better-for-you buzzwords to differentiate themselves in a quickly growing category.
    Pizza brands are finding ways to deliver the cleaner ingredients and better-for-you options customers are craving.
    Restaurants experiment with beacons, geofencing, and other location-based technologies to upgrade their marketing and operations.
    Fast food chain operators pay employees higher wages to invest in brand culture.
    With minimum wages on the rise and new overtime legislation soon going into effect, restaurants are searching for ways to pay more—and still make a profit.
    Operators find traction in health-focused beverages
    Brands are turning to healthful beverages to quench consumers’ thirst for better-for-you products.
    Fast food chains invest in high tech labor operations to enhance employee work.
    Restaurants are quickly discovering that technological and mobile advancements are changing every aspect of the quick-service industry—labor included.
    QSR brands innovate drive through lane to build business from customer demographics.
    No, the drive thru isn’t going anywhere. But the traditional drive-thru model is up against some major threats as it moves into the future.
    QSR brand Corner Bakery one of original fast casual leaders in growing restaurant industry.
    It may not have cracked the QSR 50 this year, but Corner Bakery’s ambitious growth plan should have it there in no time.
    The 15 brands that came just short of the QSR 50.
    Mega successful quick service brand Chipotle thrives on sustainable and socially responsible operation.
    If you want to be like Chipotle—and everyone does—you just have to follow its recipe for success, which includes two main ingredients: its food and its people.
    Upcoming quick service restaurant concepts avoid negative chain perception.
    There are more differences between chain and independent restaurants than just unit count. And operators are trying to leverage them to have the best of both worlds.
    The International Franchise Association’s new network unites franchisees to advocate for and defend the franchise business model.
    A breakdown of what makes a successful campaign, as seen through the lens of four quick-service marketing efforts.
    Quick service restaurant company Arbys honors milestone with big changes.
    Roast beef chain Arby’s is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a major revitalization effort that gives the classic concept a fresh twist.
    Limited service restaurant chain Luke's Lobster serves premium food at high price point.
    In just five years, Luke’s Lobster has carved out an industry niche despite—or perhaps because of—its elevated price point and premium characteristics.
    Quick service restaurant Bojangles serves indulgent Southern food like chicken biscuits.
    With its distinctive flavor profile, strong breakfast daypart, and regional success, Bojangles’ and its Southern hospitality are finding an ever-broader fan base.
    Quick service restaurants use planned design qualities to attract customers.
    From the colors used to the music played, environmental quirks in limited-service design today are planned around consumer psychology to create an experience that employs more senses than taste.
    Modern restaurants capitalize on traditional approaches.
    Handcrafted ingredients and a nod to the past combine to create concepts that are modern in their traditionalism.
    Quick service restaurants hire summer workers for popular seasonal job.
    Summer hiring outlook strong for quick-service operators.
    Quick service restaurants roll out smart phone app payment options for customers
    McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s all experimenting with mobile payments.
    Pizza Patron is a fast food brand leveraging Hispanic growth and expertise.
    The rapidly growing Hispanic population is causing a major shakeup in the limited-service business.